Thursday, October 26, 2017

My empty blog.

Hey. Welcome to my empty blog, no posts yet. HAHAHA *i just revert all my entry to draft and I feeling so good.❤ Hehe so I wanna introduce myself like I do 7 years ago.
Here I go.

This is my blog and the only blog I have. I used my blog to express my feel, sometime I wrote about my travel journey or I told story about my day(sad,happy,blood,tear) and these day I read all those writing again, I be like *💀.- apa aku tulis dan apa aku mengarut dulu .haha annoying. And today I decided to revert all entry and start all again. hahaha so start from the begining. 

Hai and Assalamualaikum I'm Syafiqah Othman and you know me as Pqah othman right?so I glad if you call my full name. It could be better 😊I'm not too young not too old. Alhamdulillah heart still beating for 20plusplus years. And I'm still fighting for better future for sure I strugling with my degree. Soon not too soon will be degree holder Insha-Allah, I also made an alternative plan for making Master,get a good job and Insha-Allah planing for marriage too(another action if I'm not so that all the planned for 4-5 year akan datang. We planned and Allah planned too for us. So let follow the flow and do our best whatever we do 👌 *ganbatee

Insha-Allah will used this blog again.(tak janji tapi mungkin akan datang semula, tak secepat mungkin, mungkin 4-5 bulan kemudian tak pun setahun kemudian habis sangat 5 tahun kemudian) haha Insha-Allah kalau umur panjang I will tell you more story about my life journey and also I will use this medium to find back my strength like I do before.(akan ada story about the heartless syafiqah too) hahaha okay. see you when I see you. Goodbye new blog katanya :) Daada~👋